About Us

For over 50 years, Omega Moulding has maintained a unique position in the picture framing industry. We offer the broadest range of products, and our culture of innovation, superior product development, integrated supply chain and purchasing scale enables us to offer an unmatched combination of design, quality and value to our customers.

Whether the project at hand is preserving the first finger painted masterpiece of your customer’s child, or materials for a large-scale contract framing order, Omega is dedicated to providing innovative solutions, unparalleled customer service, and high-quality products.

Why Omega?

Omega offers a wide selection of carefully curated designs to suit a variety of needs for projects ranging from residential to commercial / hospitality sectors. As a single-source supplier, we are uniquely positioned in the framing industry to fulfill all aspects of a project – from moulding and framing supplies to equipment, saving you time and money.

Omega has vetted the industry's best to assemble a team like no other. Along with years of industry experience, our dedicated sales force has the passion and purpose to deliver results, project after project. In working with Omega, you'll enjoy exceptional products at unmatched value and a dedicated salesperson to partner with on all your project needs.


It’s our policy to conduct our business according to moral, legal and ethical standards. As such, we believe in encouraging and rewarding professional integrity in all aspects of the organization.

We feel strongly that certain basic principles should extend beyond the boundaries of our various North American distribution points. That’s why Omega requires its vendors to comply with a code of conduct which prohibits the use of child or involuntary labor and requires a fair and regulated salary be paid to workers. Audits are regularly reviewed to ensure vendors conduct their operations in accordance with all laws applicable to their businesses.

Our commitment to the environment: We take our commitment to sustainability seriously. As part of our goal to minimize our impact on the environment, Omega has taken steps to be more responsible stewards of the planet:

  • Our wood mouldings are made from plantation-grown and legally harvested wood sources and not natural forests.
  • Our polystyrene mouldings are made from recycled plastic and Styrofoam material, utilizing an advanced technological process.
  • We are committed to operating as close to a paperless office and warehouse as possible. Whether it be communicating with customers and suppliers by email and phone, processing orders on tablets in all our warehouses, or the electronic issuance of invoices – we are mindful of our footprint.
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